DCA70SSIU4F70kVA Prime Output

The DCA70SSIU4F offers a prime rating of 56 kW (70 kVA) and a standby rating of 62 kW (77 kVA)

Our patented open delta generator winding provides precise voltage control, allowing superior motor starting capability. An electronic governor maintains frequency to ± 0.25% from no load to full load. It features an auto start stop that allows the generator to start from a remote location.

The unit features a powder-coated / e-coated, weatherproof steel housing that allows a substantially low operating noise level of 65 dB(A). A comprehensive analog control panel provides instrumentation including AC ammeter, AC voltmeter, frequency meter, AC circuit breaker, engine gauges and much more.

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Specification Highlights


Prime Rating — 56 kW (70 kVA)
Standby Rating — 62 kW (77) kVA)
208, 220, 240, 416, 440, 460, 480V Switchable
± 0.25 Frequency Regulation
(No Load to Full Load)


Isuzu / BR-4JJ1X
EPA Tier 4 Final Certified
Available with PowerBalance


65 dB(A) at 23 ft.
103 gal. (390 L) Fuel Tank Capacity
TRLR70US Trailer Available


Battery Charger
Trailer-mounted Package
Emergency Stop Switch
Sub-Base Fuel Cells
Cam-Lok Quick Disconnectors
...And More!

Additional Photos

Trailer-Mounted (Rear)
Trailer-Mounted (Rear)
DCA70SSIU4F Trailer-Mounted (Doors Open)
Trailer-Mounted (Doors Open)
DCA70SSIU4F Interior (Left Side)
Interior (Left Side)
DCA70SSIU4F Interior (Right Side)
Interior (Right Side)
DCA70SSIU4F Control Panel
Control Panel

Product Literature

220-800 kVA Spec Comparison Sheet
7.5-150kVA Spec Comparison Sheet

Data Sheets

DCA70SSIU4F Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Emissions Data Sheet
Emissions Data Sheet
TRLR180XF Trailer Data Sheet
TRLR70US Trailer Data Sheet

Outline Drawings

DCA70SSIU4F Generator Outline
Generator Outline
TRLR70USE Trailer Outline
TRLR70USE Trailer Outline
TRLR70USH Trailer Outline
TRLR70USH Trailer Outline
DCA70SSIU4F Generator Mounted on TRLR70US Trailer
Generator Mounted on TRLR70USH Trailer Outline

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