Diesel Engines & Wet Stacking
A Universal Problem

In Diesel Generators, wet stacking is usually caused by the diesel engine running with as little as 20% ~ 30% of its rated capacity.

Fuel injector fouling will occur if operated for prolonged periods at low loads. It is detectable when there is a black ooze around exhaust pipe connections and turbocharger.

Definition: Wet Stacking

Wet Stacking is a condition in diesel engines in which not all the fuel is burned and passes into the exhaust side of the turbocharger then into the exhaust system.

The word "stacking" comes from the term “exhaust stack". An oily exhaust pipe is therefore a "wet stack".

Signs of Wet-Stacking

For non-emissions hardware engines, you will typically see continuous, black exhaust from the stack when under low load, indicating that not all the fuel is being burned.

For emission hardware engines there is unfortunately no tell-tale black smoke, as the emission components will likely start plugging and the engine will shutdown. Damage to the components and/or the engine is possible.

Engine Contaimination

Low Load Operation On Generators Can Lead To Engine Contamination & Degradation...

Low Temperatures

Low Temperatures Can Also Effect Generator Performance Making Low Load Operations Even Worse...

...Causing Engine Failure

Resulting in expensive engine repairs, equipment downtime, and lost profits.

Protect your Investment

To keep your diesel engine-generator operating at peak performance

it is advisable to provide no less than 30% running load at all times. In colder climates perhaps you should consider even more. This will keep the exhaust temperatures elevated which will activate and maintain the emission hardware (DOC, DPF, etc.)...


What is PowerBalance
Low-Load Protection.

PowerBalance is designed to assist generators when operating under low temperature and/or low load conditions.

Our patented computer-controlled automatic system ensures that your generator is running at the optimal temperature to ensure peak performace. Click here to see the PowerBalance system at work.

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