Parallel Power Generation Made Easy
with the MQ Power Paralleling System

Parallel generators are preferable to a larger single generator for many applications.

Generators in parallel produce power equivalent to a larger generator.

Our MQ Power Paralleling System can be used to connect multiple generators together into a single power generation system and monitor the power demands of the application. When your site load changes, the system automatically adjusts by bringing additional generators online or allowing for backup protection if one unit drops out.


  • Dewatering
  • Oil & Gas
  • Heavy-Duty Motor Starting
  • Telecommunications
  • Building Backup/Critical Standby
  • HVAC
  • Entertainment


  • Efficency
  • Fleet Flexibility
  • Engine Load Optimization
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Lower Fuel Consumption
  • Increased ROI

Let's walk through two different scenarios

Variable Demand

Multiple generators connected in parallel utilize the MQ Power Paralleling System to meet changing power demands on your site.

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Redundant generators connected in parallel ensure continuous output in the event of power loss from one generator.

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Paralleling to Match Variable Demand

The MQ Power Paralleling System monitors the power demands of the application. The system monitors for increasing and decreasing demand, then automatically starts and stops paralleled generators accordingly. This system is easy to use, yet complex enough to manage multiple paralleled generators.

Paralleling for Power Redundancy

In our second example, two MQ Power Generators are being used to power an outdoor concert venue. It's a big event so the organizers do not want to run the risk of losing power during the show so they have opted to run two generators in parallel.

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